Malachi's Way 3

Malachi's Way 3
January 11, 2014

Saturday, November 9, 2013

(Updated) "Mike Malachi - Malachi's Way 3: Malamatic" (Release Date)

Artwork by DJ Jabril
Release Date: July 15, 2014

The cover is symbolic to me because its been 3yrs since my last album release…Alot in my life has changed…...January 4, 2013 I became a father my first & only child Memphis K Wingfield was born who shares the cover with me…This album will be a journey, new beginning & rebirth for me as an artist experimenting more with music that I wasn't previously working on & changing up the formula  from my normal format…I truly looking forward to this album & hope you are as well clearly!

Mike Malachi
D.O.E. (Dreams Over Everything)

"Dreams Of Luxury" Out Now (ITunes, Google Play & other media outlets)

I wanna thank all that have supported the single which was released Tuesday November 05, 2013….Since this time sites have posted the song & video to there websites which I truly appreciate clearly:

Available for ITunes & Google Play :

Support & Feedback is always welcome

Mike Malachi
D.O.E (Dreams Over Everything)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Available on "'ITUNES" November 5, 2013

Available On ITUNES…..Tues November 5, 2013 also the video will be premiering as well #clearly

cover artwork by Ron Rico

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Dreams Of Luxury" produced by Ken Nana & music video coming soon

New Single Cover Artwork made by Ron Rico for "Dreams Of Luxury" produced by Ken Nana of video directed by Shots By Furis / IamFuris & was shot in Downtown Los Angeles.....coming soon #clearly

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2009 Top Albums/Mixtapes in Baltimore

13. Mike Malachi - Malachi's Way II: Malachi's Revenge (Music In Me Production Inc.)

The underrated Mike Malachi and his producer Ron Rico came back hard this year with an album that feels like a step up from their previous efforts, but still a natural progression and very much a piece with their earlier albums.
download Malachi's Way II: Malachi's Revenge from DatPiff
Mike Malachi - "The Showstopper" (mp3)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Footage From Music In Me Studio Sessions (Recorded and Edited Each In IMovie just learning forreal) :

Mike Malachi

Skarr Akbar

Ron Rico

HailMegatron: --- @mikemalachi's Free Album is now available. The DMV is represented properly: 6 hours ago from DestroyTwitter

Mexican Taint Promo Sunday:

JayMusic7485 (Shoutout To Jay and R Leeper on this one):

For DMV Only:

Government Names Album Review:


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Government Names Review of Malachi's Way II: Malachi's Revenge

Mike Malachi - Malachi's Way II: Malachi's Revenge (Music In Me Production Inc.)

I leaked a great track with Skarr Akbar a few months ago, but Mike Malachi's new album is now officially here, and it's really his most accomplished work to date. That probably doesn't mean anything to you if you didn't hear his previous records, which were all pretty solid and featured crazy laid back soul beats by Baltimore club producer Ron Rico, but this is definitely a step forward from someone who was good to begin with. I don't know if his voice is recorded better on this one or if he's just getting more at home in the booth, but the sound on this one and the voice and flow all came together a lot more than on the previous records. Still a little mellow for my tastes, but that ain't always a problem depending on your mood. Check out Mike Malachi on MySpace.

Mike Malachi f/ Billo - "Deadly Alliance" (mp3)
I remember when I first met Mike about 3 years ago and it came up in conversation that he's cousins with Billo and I was like damn, y'all should be doing some songs together, so it's cool to finally hear them both on a track. One of Billo's labelmates from For The People Entertainment, Yuk, actually makes a guest spot on another track on this album.

Written by Al Shipley

Shoutout 2 Al n thanks for the review def appreciate it!!!!!!

Mike Malachi

Please download the album if u haven't already....clearly:
Download link: Malachi- Malachi's Way